Instructors Heidi Kummli

​Heidi started playing with beads in the mid-seventies, and like her Chippewa great grandmother before her, she listened to her heart and the beadwork began to flow, making a spiritual connection with the universe.

Heidi’s creations are a reflection of her surroundings; by incorporating animals and natural stones in her work she brings healing into the world.

Heidi feels fortunate to have found Shamanism and has practiced since 2012. She feels this was like a coming home, and from the very first unit on cleansing it felt familiar to her. Shamanism brought all of her life’s beliefs and knowing into one.

Heidi has written two books The Art of Bead Embroidery published in 2007 with dear friend Sherry Serafini and, The Spirit of Bead Embroidery published in 2012. Heidi has won over 31 awards in her 35-year career as a Bead artist.

She teaches private workshops on bead embroidery and Shamanism in her mountain studio, throughout the year.

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Nikia Angel

Beading since birth (relatively speaking), creating is as natural to Nikia as breathing – and just as necessary.

She’s been beading from the age of 7 when her Cherokee grandmother taught her the loom.  She has taught at major bead and jewelry shows across the country, as well as bead stores, bead guilds and retreats. Helping to spread the joy of nature, love, creation and beads is her inspiration.

Author of Crystal Stitching, Nikia is diligently working on the next crystal adventures.  When she isn’t busy beading or traveling the country, Nikia resides in Albuquerque, NM with her always patient husband, dogs, cats and Cleo the Iguana.


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