Tribal Dance – Heidi Kummli

Project Description

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In this class you will be beading a small tapestry necklace, using bead embroidery techniques.

You will start by exploring with Epoxy Clay to adorn a metal component and small metal setting with beads. These will be glued onto your piece.

You will be weaving and sewing a spiral of your life, using metal lace in the color of your choosing.

Natural stones will also be incorporated into your tapestry, also of your choosing.

Bone horn will hang from the top, separate but still connected.

A very cool ceramic dangle will swing from the bottom, traveling all the way from the hands of a Czechia artist.

The metal components from Turkey will adorn and add the tribal feel of this small little treasure.

This amazing little tapestry is like a tribal dance of your life, where did it start? Where will it end?

Luna Belle – Jayashree Paramesh

An Enchanted forest is a place of wonder and refuge where flowers talk, trees sing and unicorns play. Surrounded by fairy dust and fireflies, a forest maiden adorns herself with beautiful jewelry, waiting for her prince to enter her magical forest. Colorful pools of water, along the banks of which she plays with chirping birds, reflect her sparkly jewelry. What is she wearing?
Luna Belle is a dazzling necklace fit for all the beautiful maidens in fairy tales. Channel your inner fairy princess when you wear this gorgeous special occasion piece that is elegant and a statement. Beadwoven with crystals, crystal pearls, Czech glass beads, seed beads and captured rivolis, this necklace is designed with flower motifs that sparkle with your every move. Kit will be available in several colors inspired by colors from the enchanted forest.

Mariposa y Libelula Encantadas – Nikia Angel

Description coming soon.